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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Interstate Plastics Now Offers Propylux HS Rod

Interstate Plastics is proud to now offer Medical Grade Propylux® HS, a heat stabilized polypropylene rod used primarily in orthopedic applications.

Propylux® HS polypropylene rods, designed and manufactured by Westlake Plastics, are the material of choice for orthopedic applications with desirable properties including biocompatibility and chemical resistance.

Propylux® HS round bar stock offer superior dimensional stability when processed through repeated autoclaving cycles. The product also exhibits exceptional chemical resistance to cleaning and disinfecting agents while offering a good balance of strength, ductility and overall toughness. This combination of attributes makes Propylux® HS the plastic of choice for use in applications including trial heads and cups for hip implants, knee provisional trials and impactor applications.

Propylux® HS round bar stock is available in 15 colors and 13 diameters. All colored materials are made with FDA compliant ingredients and the shaped bars have been tested and comply with key parts of ISO 10993.

Interstate Plastics has a team of plastics experts ready to answer any questions you may have about our full line of polypropylene products. Give us a call at (888) 695-2594 today to learn more about how we may provide your solutions in plastics.

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