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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Interstate Plastics Receives IAPD Award for Environmental Excellence

The International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) presented Interstate Plastics with a bronze award in Environmental Excellence on September 23, 2015 at the 59th Annual IAPD Convention in San Diego, California.

Awarded to a select few, the Environmental Excellence Award was established in 2008 to celebrate environmentally-conscious IAPD member organizations. Interstate Plastics was one of seven companies to receive the 2015 award, rated on excellence in recycling, conservation, community awareness and employee engagement.

In a formal announcement regarding the award presentation, Susan Avery, IAPD CEO said:

"IAPD is proud to honor the accomplishments of these seven companies with the Environmental Excellence Award. Life cycle analyses show that plastics are often the most environmentally-friendly material to use for applications, and as shown in the examples from these ... companies, the manufacturing of those plastics can also be done in an environmentally responsible manner."

 Interstate Plastics Receives IAPD Award for Environmental Excellence
Interstate Plastics' recognition for environmental excellence came following a company-wide recycling effort that began in 2014 and includes recycling scraps, runoff and remnant material. Interstate Plastics Safety and Quality Manager Rich McDevitt, who has spearheaded Interstate Plastics' green initiatives, emphasized that "it is important that we recycle and reuse all materials, not just plastics ... Although sometimes challenging to implement in large settings, recycling is very rewarding."

In addition to the IAPD Environmental Excellence Award, Interstate Plastics has joined the IAPD GreenScene™ program. IAPD GreenScene™ honors all member companies that engage in environmentally-conscious practices.

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