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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ABS Plastic for Speaker Enclosures

Russ has been fabricating high-quality audio speaker enclosures from ABS plastic provided by Interstate Plastics for decades. Speakers have included studio monitors, home theater mains, rear, and subwoofers, professional mains, subwoofers and stage monitors.

 ABS is his material of choice because of appearance, light weight, machinability, and general ease of fabrication. None of Russ's fabrication is injection molded.

Speaking with Interstate Plastics about his project, he noted "one of the main advantages of working with your ABS is that it can be tapped for screw threads, eliminating threaded inserts or stripped out wood. That also means a wider choice of fasteners for both practical and cosmetic purposes."

ABS can also be finished to a high, deep polish. Alternatively, felt fabric can be applied with contact adhesives. Russ added "as you can see from the photos, combinations of hair-cell, polish, and fabric can produce a very fine finished product."

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