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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Twinwall in Real Life: Office Partitions & Dividers

Interstate Plastics has provided polycarbonate twinwall for office partitions and dividers in a multitude of scales and scenarios. Twinwall is widely acclaimed for its toughness, aesthetic appeal, and thermal properties.

Easy to machine, install and affix, lightweight polycarbonate twinwall panels are a proven solution for office spaces.

Sound deadening, filling gaps and handling obstructions with beautiful aesthetics are all possible with our twinwall panels; they can even improve cooling efficiency!

Twinwall partitions and dividers section off areas, or can be used for sliding doors with no threshold, creating hazard-free walkways that let carts pass through with ease.


It's easy to work with: Twinwall office partitions may need to be cut, drilled, trimmed, "glued," and even bent. Twinwall from Interstate Plastics allows for all of this and without the need for expensive machinery or a giant machine shop.

  • Twinwall can be cut with standard woodworking tools
  • Twinwall can be cut on a standard circular, jig, or table saw with a blade having 8-12 teeth per inch
  • Thinner gauges of twinwall can be cut with a box knife
  • Bending is done by cold forming along the direction of the flutes
  • Bonding ("gluing") can be done with Weld-On 55 adhesive
  • Half the weight of glass, twinwall is easier to lift and move

Everything you need to get the job done: Interstate Plastics provides all peripherals, including end-caps, channels, "no-melt" saw blades, drill bits, router bits, and more. Our customers look to us for the highest quality tools at a price that can't be beat. Our team of plastics experts is here to help you plan out everything you need to get the job done, down to the last screw.

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