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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Interstate Plastics Downey Becomes Master Distributor of Polygal Polycarbonate Twinwall

Interstate Plastics Downey has partnered with Polygal to become a master distributor for Polygal polycarbonate twinwall throughout the United States’ Pacific Southwest. Interstate Plastics has added an additional facility in Downey, California to house an influx of new polycarbonate twinwall following the partnership.

Downey joins Interstate Plastics' Seattle, Washington, San Leandro, California, and Des Moines, Iowa locations as the fourth Interstate Plastics branch chosen by Polygal to serve as a Master Distributor for the Polygal line of twinwall sheet and profiles.

Known for impact resistance as well as excellent light-transmitting and reflective qualities, polycarbonate twinwall sheet is designed for a broad range of applications including window replacement, greenhouse and architectural glazing and roofing, patios and awnings, skylights, hurricane and impact protection applications, as well as signage, design elements and exhibits.

Twinwall sheet, available in a variety of colors, is attractive, durable, and easy-to-install. The material protects against both harsh outdoor elements and UV radiation. For maximum strength, twinwall is constructed from multiple layers of polycarbonate sheet, with an internal cellular structure that makes the material both lightweight and flexible.

Interstate Plastics Downey Branch Manager Mike McKenna explained that a substantial increase in demand for many new large-scale architectural and design applications, including hotel and apartment structures, has positioned Interstate Plastics as a leader in polycarbonate twinwall distribution throughout Southern California.

For more information about Interstate Plastics' full line of polycarbonate twinwall products, as well as all other full or cut-to-size plastic sheet, rod, tube, bar, film and profiles, contact 562-803-5599.

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