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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Twinwall's Greenhouse Light Diffusion & Privacy Advantage

Did you know your twinwall bends light to your advantage? Especially when it comes to greenhouse applications.

Polycarbonate twinwall panels diffuse light evenly throughout greenhouses eliminating "hot spots" and shadows. A slight decrease in light transmission (versus glass) helps to keep your greenhouse from getting too hot during warm weather and keep your plants from burning.

Diffusing light is critical for optimal plant growth because diffused light bends around corners and allows light to reach the entirety of plants, as opposed to just the tops.

The additional light exposure substantially increases plants' photosynthesis, creating more energy and more robust, healthy growth. Additionally, plants will not burn, making it the ideal choice for both shade and sun-loving plants.

Interstate Plastics offers twinwall in three glazing styles: clear, bronze and "ice" (opal) colors. Clear twinwall provides maximum light transmission (still providing desirable diffusion), while bronze and "ice" (opal) colors provide maximum light diffusion (still allowing plants to thrive), with the benefit of added privacy.

Many growers choose the frosted look of opal twinwall greenhouse panels to keep pesky onlookers from viewing the contents within. (Or simply for shade!) This is especially useful for farms, additions, stand-alone greenhouses and anywhere visible to the public.

Learn about greenhouse grade twinwall from Interstate Plastics »

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