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Monday, April 3, 2017

Storing Your Twinwall Sheet

When you keep polycarbonate twinwall and multiwall sheets on hand, it's important to store them properly. This will prevent UV damage, scratches, and deformation. Here is a quick guide.

Twinwall sheets should be stored in dry, dark and well-ventilated areas, with no exposure to sunlight, wind, dirt or hard objects to prevent damage.

Store sheets on a flat clean raised surface and place them on a soft material, like cardboard, to prevent damage. Sloped stacking is recommended and if stacked flat, a stack should be kept at a maximum height of 3 feet.

Outdoors, sheets should be covered with an opaque material (cardboard, wood, EPDM sheet etc.) that provides protection from the sun. For long term storage, do not store sheets under a PVC sheet or tarpaulin.

To ensure twinwall is delivered damage free, Interstate Plastics ship on an extra protective plywood pallet at $15 for every linear foot.

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